Welcome to 5 for Fairness!  We are here to support organizations doing great work on behalf of girls around the world.  If your organization is in the business of empowering girls, and you could use an unrestricted $5000 grant, we hope you'll consider asking a passionate supporter of yours to start a Team here.

All the Teams are in the running for a $5000 grant.  Winning is, of course, great.  But even if you don't win a grant right away, having a Team on 5 for Fairness can have other benefits.

First, our members will learn about you and, if they find themselves drawn to your work, may well be drawn to support you both within and outside of 5 for Fairness (we hope they do!).  Second,  and perhaps more important, having a Team is like running a focus group in front of an already interested audience.  You can see how your message gets across and get a feel for how compelling your story is to this group.  Additionally, you will hear the kinds of questions that potential supporters/donors may have for you.  If one of our members has a question or a comment about the work you are doing and how you are doing it, I guarantee others will have that same question! And if, alas, you do not win the grant in this grant cycle, you are automatically in the running for our next grant.

We have only three rules here. 1) All Teams must support organizations that foster fairness for girls and 2)No paid staff members can start Teams and 3)We need to be able to legally give to your organization. This means, in most cases, that your organization is a- or is affiliated with - a US-based 501(c)3 that will accept a grant on your behalf.

So, what are the steps to getting a Team for your organization on 5 for Fairness?

1. Find a volunteer who is passionately committed to your organization, energetic, tenacious and familiar with basic social networking, to be your team leader.  Have him or her join us here and become a voting member of 5 for Fairness by donating a minimum of $5 to our collective grant account.

2. Help your leader craft  a compelling story about your group’s mission and post it on your Team Page.  Remind him or her to keep it brief, simple and  personal.

3. Make sure to line up a few people to support your leader from the get-go. Ideally, these are also volunteers, though paid staff are welcome too.

4. Invite some of your most internet-savvy supporters to join 5 for Fairness and turn them loose.  Suggest they help build your Team's membership by dropping in on other members' pages.  When they do, they can leave comments asking them to take a look at your Team’s page and to join in a show of their support.

5. Support your Team leader by giving him or her photographs, video and other media that tell us about your group's work and the girls you serve.  Keep our group posted on what your group is up to by starting discussions on your group's page.

6. When the final voting process begins, get ready for a daunting show of competitive spirit!  Keep in mind that members of your team have probably joined at least one other team as well.  Drop in on their pages and ask them to cast their final vote for your group.

7. Keep a sense of humor, remember how important your program is and go for it. We’re here to help, answer questions and cheer you on!

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to send us an email at 5forFairness(AT SIGN)gmail.com

Good Luck and keep up your great work!

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