Here's your road map to a great 5fer Team!


Start with Research...

Go to the organization's website and become familiar with their work.  Find their contact information and...

Contact Organization

Explain 5 for Fairness and how we work (if necessary.) Identify the point person who will participate on their behalf on 5 for Fairness.

Conversation/email with point person
Get the answers to the questions you need for the text box on your Team home page...

  • 5 words that describe the organization
  • 1 way they help make the world more fair for girls
  • 1 reason their work is crucial

Invite him or her join 5 for Fairness so he or she can participate actively your Team page.

Get proof of the organization's 501c3 status (ideally a copy of their IRS letter of determination). If they don't have this, let us know by leaving a comment on Anna's page. Ask them to send you their logo as a jpg to use on your Team home page and videos and photographs to upload to the site.

Now you are ready to CREATE YOUR TEAM PAGE!


Once you have created your Team page, the next step is to fill in the Text box on your page. Every text box should look like this:

  • 5 words (you write 5 words that describe the organization)
  • 1 way (you write how they help make the world more fair for girls)
  • 1 reason (you write why their work is crucial)

Here is an example to guide you:
















  • After you have started your page, invite existing 5fer members to join your Team by leaving comments on their pages.
  • Write your first post, "Why I support X" Then, when each new member joins you can ask them to add a few words to that post. Give them link when you thank them for joining on their page.
  • Create what will be an ongoing WELCOME discussion thread in which you welcome every new member who joins your team.
  • When people join, THANK THEM RIGHT AWAY on your welcome post and on their page on 5 for Fairness. 

Add photos and videos

Photos and videos are a great way to share your Team's work.  Rather than creating an album for your photos and embedding it on your Team page, we suggest you use photos as regular starting points for discussions on your Team page.  Take a photograph and upload it into a discussion. (Click here to learn how to use the editing toolbar to embed photos and videos.)Then write a short post describing the photograph and placing it in the context of your work. Not only will you be giving 5fers much more information than they would get from a photograph alone, if you keep creating new discussions, we can feature each new discussion post in our newsletters and on our facebook page and our Twitter feed. The more new content you create, the more we can feature you!  Same goes for videos!


Next, consider starting your Team in memory or honor of someone.

If you know someone who was, is, or would have been a champion of girls, please feel free to start your Team in their honor or memory. You can have an ongoing post on your Team page in which you write about your honoree and post pictures, memories, and reflections about them. You can also invite others who knew or know them to join your Team and add to that post. To see an example of one way this can work, you can look at Anna's post about her sister, Mima. Anna found that it was an amazing personal experience to have her work on 5 for Fairness enlivened and enlightened by Mima's life.


Set a timeline: Check the calendar on the home page and tell them how much time is left before we choose our next grantee. Tell them that you would like to add at least two new discussions to the Team page each week. One will come from you, but you would like the others to come from them or from their supporters. Send them the link to the FAQ that will teach them how to "follow" the discussion on their team page so they can help answer any questions that members might ask about their organization.


Some ideas for discussion topics:

Who we are and how we got started...
Our mission...
How we work...
Where we work....
How we know the population we serve needs and wants what we offer...
How we know we are making an impact...
What we would do with a $5000 grant...
Why 5 for Fairness can legally give to us...
See us at work (embed photos and/or slideshow)...
Watch us work (embed video)...

What is the most recent project they started?
What was the latest event they hosted?
Can they bring someone (or more) people who have benefited from your organization onto 5fer to write about how it helped them?
Invite their board members/volunteers to answer the question: "Why I volunteer for X?"
What is their theory of change? (i.e. How do they see what their organization does that effects change?)

What makes this organization different from others trying to accomplish the same goal?

Identify a current event or story in the news that is relevant to your Team's work and highlights why its work is so needed.

Profile the organization's Founder, Board Members, Volunteers with a"5 Questions for the Founder, Board Member, Volunteer" Post. Some possible questions:

How did you discover this organization?

What has been the most powerful experience you've had working with the organization?

How did you get to be an activist?

What is the most significant way you support this organization?

Is this your day job?

What was the most unexpected place supporting this organization has taken you?

What is your 15 second pitch for the organization?

What do you like most and least about being involved?

For each week of the grant cycle, start a "Team Challenge" for your members.  The idea is to ask them to do something very specific for your Team. They could...

  • Leave comments on other 5fer's pages asking them to Join your Team
  • Share a link on FB
  • Tweet about your Team
  • Invite 5 friends
  • Write a post on the Main Discussion Forum saying why they support your org.


We (Board Members, Interns and Anna) want to do everything we can to help you in your efforts. We'll feature all your posts in our bi-weekly newsletters, on our Facebook page and in our Twitter feed. The more content you add to your Team page, the better! Feel free to ask any questions you have (you can leave them in the comments right here or on Anna's page.


Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!!!!


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